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The Peach Trees Mystery Continues

News: Slo-Mo

The lockdown at Peach Trees is entering its 7th hour, and officials at the Hall of Justice say they are no closer to identifying why the Mega Block decided to conduct the unscheduled test of its war defense system, nor when the barricades will be lifted. They continue to call the event “suspicious and worrisome.”

Engineers from within Peach Trees initially reached out to law enforcement this morning to report that they were conducting a test and assured the agency that everything was under control. However, the department has been unable to make contact with anyone inside the building since.

Adding to the mystery: the sounds of explosions and gunfire have reportedly been heard from outside the building throughout the day. Judge Ezequerra, a weapons expert who was sent to investigate the premises, told Dredd Report that the bursts he was hearing sounded similar to an army-grade weapon of mass destruction known as a Gatling gun. However, how such a device would have gotten inside a civilian residence – and who would have control of it – are yet unknown.

Officials aren’t speculating whether this incident could possibly have direct ties to the Ma-Ma Clan, a notorious gang led by a former prostitute that is already gaining a reputation for its extreme use of violence and brutality.

The Hall of Justice has released the names of the two judges believed to be inside the building. Judge Dredd, a decorated veteran of the force, and Judge Anderson, a cadet in the Psi Division, arrived at Peach Trees to investigate a responder alert involving three suspected homicides earlier this morning. Neither has been heard from since.